MGA Quality

MGA’s quality management systems have adopted Egypt’s most advanced specifications as we are certified of ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 (HACCP). We are environmentally conscious as we are also certified of ISO 140001, ISO 18001, Good Manufactory Practices (GMP), CODEX Alimentarus ,and the specifications of the International Olive Council, IOC, as well as the relevant latest Egyptian Standards for Olive Oil, Table Olives and Pickled Vegetables.

We strive to meet the requirements of all our clients and set a standard for the rest of the industry .Our quality team ensures that MGA products nutritional value and authenticity are always correct and never compromised. We guarantee that our customers receive the highest quality products. As MGA”s targeting the highest Quality standards in all aspects of production, our discipline is to supervise all production stages, from the selection of olives to the processing and storing, to the bottling and packaging so we specialize in Premium Quality Products so, nutritional value and authenticity are never compromised. As a result of all these controls, our customer receives this high quality product.

Premium Egyptian Quality top

Mediterranean Garden Olive Oil is one of the purest and most delicious oils available The olive oil is " cold processed " from the best kinds of imported olive varieties like the Greek Cronaky , Lecio , the Italian Coratina , The Spanish Picual , Arbequena as well as the the Egyptian high quality varieties, the cooliness of the Mediterranean during the day ,North Egypt weather and the soil are very conductive to excellent products , mainly olive fruit from the best olive groves in the Egyptian North Coast from El Arish in Sinai , Alexandriea , Marsa Matruh as well as the pristine "Swia Oasis" where the date palms and olive trees meet the azure sky and age-old farming traditions still produce a naturally grown olive prized for its unparalleled olive oil.

Our Oil is extracted from the following best kinds of imported Olive varieties (cultivar):

The Greek Cronaky Leccino, the Italian Coratina, the Spanish Arbequena ,frantoio ,Picaul and Manzanlla the Tunisian Shemlaly, as well as the Egyptian varieties, Maraky and weteiken. MGA’s Oil is obtained from a" first cold Extraction" less than 24 hours after harvesting. Extracted at below 25ºC.This extraction method highlights the green fruity characteristics of MGA’s olive oil and preserves the subtle taste features of our Olive Oil.

MGA’s Professional Storing:

After the natural decantation (precipitation), MGA’s Olive Oil it is stored in complete respect to its genuineness and integrity in Stainless Steel Tanks. We store & pack our olive oil under Nitrogen to improve stability; hence shelf life as it prevents the “auto oxidation" process, as a conditioner gas, kept at 15º - 21º0 C all year round.

For Olive Oil User : you can keep unopened olive oil in a cool, dark place for up to two years. Once you open the container/ bottle, the oil begins to degrade much faster. A good rule is to use it within few months after opening. Keep the bottle tightly capped and away from heat and direct light. The best strategy is to use olive oil often, and go through it quickly

Organoleptic Characteristics Olive Oil:

Tasting olive oil straight is the best way to judge its quality. Pour a little in a small glass and warm the glass in one hand, while covering it with the other. Now put your nose into the glass to sense the aromas. Hopefully, it reminds you of things like fresh grass, bananas and apples. Hay, cardboard, vinegar and mud are some of the aromas that indicate an olive oil gone bad.

MGA’s Olive Oil:

has a fresh flavor, fruity, spicy both intense and Savoy olive oil characterized by sweet and bitter taste , color is green yellow , full bodied and buttery features according to customers' requests to satisfy everyone, especially experts and gourmets. The peppery finish of MGA’s Olive Oil is an indication of natural high Phenol compounds which is a valuable antioxidant against many diseases.


Just as in chocolate and coffee, those who want to enjoy all of the health benefits and flavors of the best olive oils should start to love bitterness. In fact, the opposite of bitterness is the taste of rancidity, which studies have shown most people actually prefer, thanks to years of knowing little more.

Table Olives

The varieties of table olives are categorized from their productivity, their reaction to weather, and their endurance to diseases, the proportion of the flesh-pit and the size of the fruit .The varieties with the biggest fruit are the ones with the higher trading value. The bigger olives are not the tastier ones. The medium olives are the tastier and especially when their flesh is bigger than their pit.



Olive Oil Type


Peroxide Value

Organoleptic  Characteristics




Mechanical extraction - (virgin oils)






  1. Extra virgin olive oil

Max  0.8%

Max      20




  1. Virgin olive oil   

Max     2 %

Max      20




  1. Lampante olive oil

Min      2 %

Min       20