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Our facility was established in 2007 in the 10th of Ramadan City, 50 km East of Cairo, the Industrial zone A2. The high market demand (Growth Rate), has driven us to expand our facilities to meet the ever increasing consumer needs.

The business was going well in 2009 as we started exporting our Products to USA ,so we have built a bigger expansion factory in the industrial area C6 according to the highest quality standard (HACCP & the other Food Safety International Standards ) ,nearby the starting one in 10th of Ramadan industrial city to produce our own Table Olives and Pickled Vegetables .

2010, the new facility was ready to produce our Table Olives and Pickled Vegetables; we have lunched our Mediterranean Garden Jars size, 1 kg.

2011, which was a difficult year due to the Egyptian revolution, we thought it was the best time to train MGA’s staff and upgrade our Facility and take steps to be environmentally conscious including the certification of ISO 14001, ISO 18001, to the International Quality measures.

2013, we added an activities area to our facility, it includes; Training room, Dining rooms, Nursery, Sports area and praying area, to enhance MGA’s employees Moral and as a better motivation tool . We also doubled our (Production& storing) area, we are targeting and have the potential to duplicate MGA’s production capacities in the very near future.

We are also upgrading our Chemical and Microbiological Laboratories to meet our R&D needs and the latest Food Safety requirements for Olive Oil, Table Olives, Pickled Vegetables & Gourmet.