About MGA

About Us

"Mediterranean Garden" for Agribusiness, MGA, is one of Egypt’s leading companies for specialized production and packaging of all grades and varieties of olive oil, table olives pickled, vegetables and gourmet.

MGA features a wide range of high quality food products that are not only delicious and healthy but also affordable. Our refined technology combined with Egypt’s rich tradition allows us to provide authentic and delectable products. Substitute any oil with Mediterranean Garden’s Olive Oil and taste the difference for yourself. Our olive oil enhances the flavor of all herbs and spices while complementing their natural beauty.

Mediterranean Garden’s Olive Oil is especially good with salads, pasta, roasted vegetables, meat, fish and marinades.

MGA has 4 different local sales channels: Hotels and restaurants, Hypermarkets, distributors and Pharmaceutical companies, as well as doing Private Label, for Carrefour. Concerning the company’s export, the main markets are the USA and Europe and some Middle East Countries.

Our team

MGA has an elite staff that has expertise and experience working in local and international markets.

The Story of “Mediterranean Garden” name

MGA enjoys being an Egyptian company, since more than 5,000 years ago the Egyptians extracted oil by natural mechanical means and used it in many ways even in cosmetic purposes, as well as for maintaining the mummies, while the leaves were used for adorning their Pharaohs.

MGA also enjoys the Mediterranean location, so, the Mediterranean Garden name was taken from the “Mediterranean Diet Pyramid” which represents the optimal Mediterranean diet based on the traditional eating habits of the Mediterranean countries. This pyramid structure emerged from a Harvard School of Public Health nutritional study about balanced diets. It showed the importance of olive oil as a steady part of a Mediterranean diet. The region is world renowned for having low rates of chronic disease as well as high life expectancy for adults.

Our mission is to produce high quality health oriented food products that are used every day making life more enjoyable for our customers at affordable prices.

Our vision is to become one of the leading companies in the healthy food category in the world.

a. Equality

Employees are valued members of our organization regardless of their position in the hierarchical chart; MGA treat them equally, encourage and respect the diversity, mix of cultures, gender, religions, experience and personalities, providing equal opportunities as well as setting up fair reward system for their efforts and working behaviors .

b. Transparency

MGA exert all efforts to communicate in every aspect of our business with our stakeholders in an open and accountable manner, we are committed and structured to create profitable business throughout the value chain.

c. Added Value

MGA create value for our customers, employees and stakeholders by carefully protecting their rights.

d. Sustainability

MGA main goal is to build a long term strategic partnership with our stakeholders; we focus, take responsibility and fulfill our commitments.

e. Solution Oriented

MGA become aware of problems before they turn into crises and exert all efforts to resolve them without any delay. We positively handle even the slightest demand.